Let it be NEW!

The year 2021 starts with hope and a lot of energy.

We know how demanding the past year has been and we hope that the lessons learned will help us to look at what really matters, to value our time and also the resilience that exists in each of us.

May this new year be lighter, more fun, more produc


New ADERE Service Channel!

We at ADERE are always looking for solutions to provide the best service to all who interact with us. So now we have a WhatsApp number!

It is very important that all contact requests are made exclusively through our two official channels: WhatsApp or Site. The way is quite easy. See below how to do it!

WhatsApp ADERE

Mode 1:

  •  Add the numbe

ATTENTION: Service adapted for the prevention against Coronavirus

Due to the latest circumstances with the advancement of Coronavirus (which causes Covid-19), we inform that ADERE is taking several administrative measures to prevent contagion and dissemination, valuing the safety of our employees, suppliers and customers.

Much of ADERE's administrative team is already in the Hom


How to apply Carpefix - tape to fix carpet


Find out how to use a 427 masking tape to paint in your home

When it comes to renovating, sometimes we want to risk painting to save on manpower. Even if nothing replaces a professional painter, we can venture into this finish. Our 427 crepe tape becomes your main ally in this, ensuring a smudge-free finish.

Using masking tape in paint is one of the most famous tips for protecting doors, windows, baseboards and other areas that paint should not invade


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