Double Sided Foam Tape 285

Foam Double Sided for Fastening 285 is made of white polyethylene foam backing with closed cells, 1.0mm thick, with acrylic and resin based adhesive.
Its high performance foam with synthetic polymer, associated with the high tack adhesive, provides the following features to the product:
- Safe fastening;
- Excellent resistance to weather conditions;
- Easy to apply;
- Excellent resistance to temperature;
- Excellent application and adhesion on rigid materials.



This product is ideal for:
- Assembling and joining plates, plastics, signs or emblems;
- Fastening metal or plastic pieces, household appliances and kitchen / bathroom accessories;
- Fastening of plastic hangers, pictures, plaques on several surfaces.
- Surfaces to be glued must be clean, in order to get good adhesion;
- Apply the Double Sided on the target to be glued and remove the protective liner;
- Apply the object on the desired surface;
- Firmly press the object during some seconds;
- For hooks and hangers, wait 48h before putting any weight, so that the adhesive may reach the required efficiency.

Weight Specifications:

19mm measurement: every 10cm supports at most 300g.
12mm measurement: every 15cm supports at most 300g.

(For larger weights objetcs use Adermax tapes)




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