Insulating Tape for Corrosion Protection - SV325

The SV 325 Adere adhesive tape is a black insulating tape with high mechanical and electrical resistance, composed of PVC film and adhesive non-corrosive pressure sensitive rubber.

It has nominal thickness of 0.250 mm and dielectric strength greater than 10000 Volts.

Due to its excellent characteristics of electrical insulation and ease of application it is used as corrosion protection of metal pipes, protecting them against aggressive environments, avoiding wear or corrosion damage.


Industry: Protection of buried metal pipes for transporting industrial water, solvents, chemical compounds, gases, etc .;

Construction: Used to insulate different metals and avoid electrolytic corrosion. Protection of water pipes against fire. Electrical isolation at the intersection of pipes with electric grid;

Engineering / Contractors: Applications where high-strength adhesive tape is required in projects where corrosion protection is required;

Electrical: Onder energy concession requires the use of adhesive tape with high mechanical / electrical resistance;

Visual communication: In ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) applications the adhesive tape is used to protect the metal structure against corrosion.


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